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Cass Profile: TV Specials

November 1995

  • Cass's first TV Special, Cass's Close-up (羚的特集), was broadcasted on TVB

    The TV Special can be found at (Limited access to NOW members only)
October 2000
  • Cass was invited by CNN for a live interview in the Q&A Asia programme

    Watch the interview online: Real-Time | Download


January 2002
  • My Beijing (我的北京音樂特輯) TV Special was broadcasted on TVB. The TV Special featured the preparation works of the Cass and the City concert being held on the 25th - 26th January 2002.

    The TV Special can be found at (Limited access to NOW members only)

    * More pics of this event are in the Cass Photos section.



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