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    Here we collect all the best Cass Phang web sites which are currently up-running on the net. Note that most sites are created in East Asian encodings such as Traditional Chinese BIG-5, Simplified Chinese GB2312 / GB18030 and Japanese Shift-JIS coding. You may have to download the appropriate fonts of your browser or additional software readers such as NJStar or equivalent in order to read them properly.

    If you have found any dead links, or if you have discovered (or made?) a very good Cass web site, please let us know!

    Cass Phang at Sony Music
    by Sony Music

    The official site of Cass Phang at Hong Kong Sony Music! Here you can download loads of high resolution photos of Cass, and can even check out Cass's activities time-table!
    by Rita

    The new is reconstructed as the new official site of the Cass House (fan club). Created by Rita (Cass's assistant) and Cass fans, the site shares the greatest traffic throughout all the Cass sites.The site provides Cass House member-tailored information as well as an online forum where you can obtain the first-hand news of Cass, and you even have chance to chat with Cass online!

    Beginning of Cass
    by Ruby Man

    Set up by Ruby, a supportive Cass fan, the colour of the page gives you a warm and comfortable feeling. The unique contents include her Cass photo collection, magazine front pages with Cass and Cass's promotional products etc., and there is a section that records the activities of Cass.

    Cass's Close-up
    by Aletta

    Established by Aletta, a supportive Cass fan, the page emphasises the real Cass content rather than attractive outlooks. With the photos and lyrics scanned and typed by the webmaster herself respectively, it is not difficult to observe that Aletta had spent a lot of effort on her great job!

    Stars all over the sky
    by maomao

    We've got a loyal Cass fan from Japan! Though Japan is a little bit far from Hong Kong, the site still manage to update very frequently! The list of Cass albums is so detailed and complete that can be considered as a masterpiece!

    Cass Attitude
    by Ha Ha Bag

    A brand new Cass site with rich personal-style design. The use of Flash technology actually simplifies the interface to an admirable one. If you are looking for news about Cass, want to have a look of all the Cass albums, or would to see the photos of Cass's 97 concert, here is a place that we highly recommend you to go.

    Cass Phang Village
    by Peter Kwok

    This site is one of the eldest Cass Phang sites on the net. Here you can always enjoy reading stories about Cass and listen to her albums. With the superb graphical design and its great content, the site has gained popularity as well as many web site prizes. It was even reported on a CNN programme during the interview with Cass. So, how can you miss it?

    My Cass Phang
    by Jason & Kelvin Chu

    A new English Cass site! The homepage uses pics in Cass's album "Passionate Love" as its background design. Here you can read some information about Cass

    Cass Phang Net
    by Billy Hui

    A creative creation by an experienced Cass fan called Billy. Here you can find some "special" photos and passages of Cass House activities!

    Plain Phang Page
    by mamie

    A new site with simply wonderful page design and lots of private photo collections! A must to have a look!

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