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Cass Profile: Involments in Charity and Public Affairs


  • Appointed by Commercial Radio as Public Figure Leader of the Ultimate Social Workers
  • Participated a TVB fund raising event for a local hospital in New York. The event was held in the Atlantic City (USA)
  • Went for the Guang Xi (China) Famine Action visit organised by Commercial Radio
  • Participated in the RTHK Housing Estate Recycle Campaign
  • Shot a short video footage on environmental protection for the Hong Kong Government.


  • Donated part of the income of the concert for the rescue work of the Qingyuan (China) flooding
  • Appointed as Mental Health Ambassador by the Hong Kong Government


  • Went for the Beijing (China) Old People Home visit organised by RTHK
  • Participated in the TV advertisements of the Be A Good Host (好客之道) Campaign launched by the former Hong Kong Tourist Association (前香港旅遊協會)


  • Appointed by the Project ORBIS (奧比斯眼科飛行醫院) as a Sight Ambassador. Cass had her first mission to visit the blinds in Urumqi, Xinjiang (China) in July 1999.


  • Participated in the 1st Joint School Exhibition for Anti-Smoking Campaign

  • A fund-raising solo concert for the Hong Kong Community Chest (香港公益金), Energy: Cass Phang Love Concert (活力唱通天彭羚愛心音樂會) was held in the end of August

    * More pics of this concert are in the Cass Photos section.

  • As a Sight Ambassador (光明大使) for the Project ORBIS (奧比斯眼科飛行醫院), Cass visited the blinds in Ahmedabad (India) in November.

    * Read Cass's Diaries here (from Cass Attitude).
    * More pics of this event are in the Cass Photos section.

  • Invited by the Hong Kong PLA (Chinese Peoples' iberation Army, 解放軍駐港部隊) as a guest performer in an mid-Autumn festival event inside the naval port on the Stonecutters Island (昂船洲).
  • As a guest performer in the AIDS Charity Concert

    * More pics of this event are in the Cass Photos section.


November 2001
  • Invited by the Hong Kong SAR Government, Cass was invited to attend the Parents Education Opening Ceremony (家長教育開展禮) with Mr. Tung Chee Hwa (董建華), the Hong Kong SAR Chief Executive. The event was held at the Government House (禮賓府).

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