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  • Read Chinese Ver. of Netscape 7.0
  • Cass Downloads: Netscape 7.0

    Netscape 7.0 is the newest version of the cutting edge web browser which is a very competitive alternative to Internet Explorer. It is technically based on the Mozilla project, but with some more extra functionalities added on.

    Here at, not only you can get the best browser here, but we actually customized the browser for your most benefits of using our site as well as the tailored "Cass-oriented features".

    Screenshots of features

    ^ Step-by-step wizards for easy installation.

    < Cass is always with you!

    ^ The Tabbed-browsing feature allows you to keep your opened web pages in a more tidy manner.

    ^ The browser comes along with the selection of best Cass web sites.

    < Get AIM and ICQ running in your Sidebar!

    We also provide Cass news in your sidebar. >

    ^ You set up your POP3 account in Netscape very easily too!

    Download the software

    For your download convenience, we split the large file into 5 pieces. Please download ALL the 00x files and the combine.bat file in the same folder.

    pln70.001 (6.22MB)

    pln70.002 (6.22MB)

    pln70.003 (6.22MB)

    pln70.004 (6.22MB)

    pln70.005 (8.96 KB)

    combine.bat (413 bytes)

    After finishing the download, open the folder and click on the combine.bat file icon. Soon you will see the file appeared in the folder.

    Use Winzip to open (or extract) the file, and run the Setup.exe inside. Follow the steps on the screen.

    If you have any problems regarding on download or setup issues, please contact us at

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