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  • Cass House

    "Cass House" is the official international fans club for Cass Phang. The club intends to bring along folks who love Cass and her music, to share their love and thoughts. Unlike some other idol-oriented fans clubs out there, the members of Cass House are having a similar male/female ratio, and are wide-spread in different ages and career fields. Despite the fact that the club is based in Hong Kong, the club members are all over the world. There are active Cass House members in places like Canada, UK, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan currently.

    If you love Cass and her music, joining Cass House would bring you the following "benefits":

    • You'll get a membership card and a club jacket for the purpose of attending functions
    • You may be invited to attend some performances of Cass, such as the Jade Solid Gold music programme of TVB, and some others as well
    • You may be able to book and buy the Cass concert tickets well in advance
    • You will receive the Cass House newsletter, which issues irregularly
    • You will be invited to attend the activities organised by the club, where Cass will also attend. These activities include karaoke competitions, barbecue etc., and will often have lucky draws!
    • Cass House is a big family. Its members are very kind and friendly, and meet personally with each other for fun regularly. They are also willing to share with you anything they've found which are related Cass.

    Admission to Cass House

    To join Cass House, simply follow the following procedures:

    1. Fill in the application form included in one of the Cass's Sony album, i.e. this one
    2. Attach a recently-shot passport-size photo of yourself on the form
    3. Prepare an envelope with your name and address written, and with the correct payment of stamps stuck on it.
    4. Prepare a Hong Kong Dollar $100 cheque / bank draft / money order payable to CASS HOUSE (this is yearly fee for the club, please don't post cash!)
    5. Wrap everything above with another envelope, post it to:

      "Cass House", P.O. Box 101 Shatin Central Post Office, Hong Kong.

    The Cass House Website

    Cass House has its official web site recently set up at In there, you'll find the Cass News Forum. This is the place where we meet and chat online. Though everything is still under development, you are most welcome to browse through it and raise up any questions you may want to ask.

    If you have any enquiries about Cass House, please contact the club chief, Rita.

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